Traction is what makes a message stick in the mind. It’s the staying power that builds brands. Traction is the “sticky stuff” between you and customers that cements relationships and loyalty. It’s the force that achieves forward motion. Traction gives marketers solid footing in today’s continually shifting playing field. We’re here to help you get a grip on your marketing.

Traction may be new to you, but we’ve actually been around awhile. Like, 30 years awhile. We’re a tight-knit group of marketing enthusiasts with a legacy of solid marketing performance and a new generation of leadership.

And even though marketing is a serious, high-stakes business, we have a lot of fun with our work. We thrive on challenges and finding new ways to help you grow market share and forge stronger relationships with your customers.

After 30 years of doing this, one would expect us to know our way around a marketing challenge. We do. It comes from having the right mix of people and ideas.

Traction Marketing Group is made up of energetic young e-marketer types as well as seasoned “I-think-I’ve-seen-it-all” veterans. It’s a blend of the new and old marketing disciplines.

Our place reflects our business approach: bright, bold, playful and practical. Warehouse 127 is a creative incubator. It is a refuge for clients to meet and focus their thoughts. An expansive place where no idea is too big. It’s where the rubber meets the road, where amazing stuff happens.

We are Traction.